Festival Ideas and Intentions

The objective is to develop a prestigious festival with emphasis on extraordinary quality. The core of the festival lies with less known, often forgotten works of the Theresienstadt artists. Works of Viktor Ullmann, Gideon Klein, Hans Krása or Pavel Haas still remain underappreciated. Every year, the programme is supplemented with the works of Czech and worldwide musical giants, and responds to current anniversaries and events.

The mission of the festival is extraordinary humanism and the hope flowing from the cultural history of Central Europe. The festival features the Czech, Jewish and German phenomena of the last two centuries. The phenomenon of time and place brought co-habitation, mutual influence, and cooperation. In its peak form, it gives us tremendous artistic values, often created in excruciating conditions. Apart from the message of humanity, peace among nations, and cooperation, the festival’s accompanying events will remind us of historic experience which still applies strongly to the times we live in.

The festival’s mission is to bring outstanding performing art to the public at large – as large as possible. The festival will be a prestigious social event based on genius loci and outstanding artistic performances of musical pieces of “our” festival authors.

The spiritual wealth of the festival lies in the idea of Eternal Hope. The memory of places and the musical heritage (of Gustav Mahler, Viktor Ullmann, Gideon Klein, Hans Krása, and Pavel Haas) do bring Eternal Hope.

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