The objective of the foundation established in 2017 is to preserve and develop the unique artistic heritage of the Central European musical values associated with what is now the Czech Republic, with composers of Czech and German nationalities, and Jewish and Christian faiths, values created in the early 1920s, and abruptly and violently interrupted by the events of World War II. The generation of today strives to commemorate, cope with, and – most importantly – prevent any violence, hatred, or any other form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, or simply a cultural difference. This effort is reflected in the new works and the interpretation of live art, and represents an ellipse connecting us back to history nearly hundred years old. The promotion of music of artistic value, promotion of European classical music, and European cultural values, supporting young artists, performers in their early careers, and youth interested in culture, facilitating the access of underprivileged individuals in the society to cultural values. Documents to Download Foundation Charter (pdf 2,68 MB) Resolution (pdf 141 kB) Sample Deed of Donation (doc 56 kB) Board of Directors (pdf 350 kB)

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