EVERLASTING HOPE: Gustav Mahler & Terezín Composers

international music festival


The purpose of the foundation and its activities are the development of the legacy of the Terezin composers and Gustav Mahler and other authors, especially by live interpretations and other forms such as competitions, conferences, awards, research, publications, Workshops, theater and arts, musical art promotion, especially the organization of the EVERLASTING HOPE FESTIVAL and all accompanying activities, artistically valuable music promotion, European classical music and European cultural values promotion and support for young artists, beginning musicians and youth with the interest in culture and support of the access for disadvantaged people in society to the cultural values.


Statute (pdf 525 kB)*

Resolution (pdf 170 kB)*

Donation Agreement (pdf 554 kB)*

*The English text is only an imprecise translation, the binding documents are the Czech original documents.