23. 11. 2021 | 19:30 | Spanish Synagogue

As part of the Theresienstadt project 

Bente Kahan with Ronen Nissan and NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra:

Nigun by Ernest Bloch, arr. Christian Danowicz
Cabaret from Theresienstadt, arr. Ronen Nissan
Variations and Fugue on a Hebrew Theme, music: Viktor Ullmann, arr. Ronen Nissan

Poems written by Ilse Weber in Theresienstadt:

- Talking Suitcase,
- The Potato Peeler,
- Polentransport,
- Letter to My Child

music: Bente Kahan, arr. Ronen Nissan


Ocalony ("The Survivor") by Tadeusz Różewicz, music: Bente Kahan, arr. Dariusz Świnoga

Bente Kahan will perform with Ronen Nissan - Austrian conductor and arranger - and Orchestra Leopoldinum of Wrocław's National Forum of Music. The program titled "Unfinished Lives" contains, among others, compositions of Viktor Ullmann, Ilse Weber and the Theresienstadt Cabaret - artists who created their works and were killed during the Holocaust. It will be concluded with poetry of Tadeusz Różewicz, a poet-survivor who lived in Wrocław after World War II, set to music by Bente Kahan. The 100th Anniversary of Różewicz's birthday is celebrated with various cultural events in Poland and abroad as the Różewicz Year.

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