Hope III. "In context" | 3. 3. 2022

Josef Špaček - violin
Miroslav Sekera - piano

Leoš Janáček - Sonata (1922) for violin and piano
(Con moto - Ballada - Allegretto - Adagio)
Igor Stravinsky - Divertimento pro housle a klavír
(Sinfonia - Danses Suisses - Scherzo - Pas De Deux. Adagio - Variation - Coda)
Gideon Klein - Lullaby for violin and piano
Erich Wolfgang Korngold - " Much Ado About Nothing" for violin and piano
(Maiden in the Bridal Chamber - March of the Watch (Dogberry and Verges) - Garden Scene - Hornpipe)

Location: Monastery of St. Anežka Česká

Today, the legendary Lullaby for Violin and Piano by Gideon Klein will be performed in a select company by the Austrian-American author Erich Wolfgang Korngold, a Russian composer of the 20th century, Igor Stravinsky and our Leoš Janáček .
He is not only one of the most respected authors of today, but he was also a huge role model for Gideon Klein, an equally talented composer who has not been allowed to gain worldwide acclaim. Thanks to its dramaturgical interconnectedness, the concert is included in our cycle "Hope in context".


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