The face of the festival is Vilém Veverka

One of the most successful Czech instrumentalists of his generation, oboist Vilém Veverka, became the face of this year's Everlasting Hope festival. With the same passion with which he uncompromisingly explores the limits of his instrument, this artist breaks his own limits on expeditions to the mountains. He is a type of performer who can present even demanding contemporary music so convincingly that it will appeal to a wide audience. His repertoire ranges from Baroque compositions to premieres of contemporary works and does not shy away from other musical genres. You will be able hear Vilém Veverka at the opening concert at the State Opera on October 14, where he will perform the Oboe and Strings Study by Pavel Haas - a composer executed in Auschwitz - accompanied by the orchestra. Another of the so-called Terezín composers will be introduced by the program that Veverka studied with his ensemble PhilHarmonia Octet. It will be a Divertimento for Gideon Klein's wind octet, which will be performed in conjunction with Gustav Mahler's song cycle The Boy's Magic Horn. Tickets for both concerts are available on the Ticketstream network. 

Vilém veverka
Vilém Veverka will introduce himself as a soloist and a member of the chamber ensemble PhilHarmonia Octet. (Credit)

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