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She Saw the Bumble Bee Opera in Theresienstadt as a Child. Now She Introduces it to an Audience.

31. 7. 2020

Michaela Vidláková, born Lauscherová, and her parents were transported to Theresienstadt in December 1942. She celebrated her sixth birthday shortly after arriving there. A series of coincidences and a dose of courage helped her and her parents survive. Not her broader family. We have asked Ms. Vidláková for an opening speech before the Bumble Bee (“Brundibár“), a children’s opera. This work of art by Hans Krása (lyrics by Adof Hoffmeister) was performed by the children of Theresienstadt fifty-five times (or so), and the memories of it are firmly imprinted in the minds of the survivors. “The evil Brundibár symbolised Hitler to us, and it was important for us to see that if animals and children join forces together, they can push him aside and defeat him. The last scene where everyone sings together: “Brundibár defeated!“ gave us hope that Hitler would be defeated, too,“ said Michaela Vidláková for the Memory of Nations project. Her entire story is recorded there. She will share her memories of the rendition in Theresienstadt with the audience at the beginning of the performace, which the Everlasting Hope festival prepared for Saturday 24 October, 11:00 a.m. in the Estates Theatre.

Michaela Vidláková
Michaela Vidláková has held various positions for many years at the Jewish Community of Prague. She is member of the Board of Representatives of the Jewish Community of Prague, the leadership of the Theresienstadt Initiative, and other organisations. She received the German Presidential Award in 2016 for her long years of engagement in the matter of Czech-German relations.
Michaela, five years old, in 1942.
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